Fleury no RSNA 2022

A equipe de Radiologia do Fleury participou massivamente do maior evento mundial de diagnóstico por imagem.

A equipe de Radiologia do Fleury participou massivamente do maior evento mundial de diagnóstico por imagem, que, neste ano, chegou à sua 108ª edição. Falamos do RSNA 2022, o encontro anual da Sociedade Radiológica da América do Norte, que ocorreu em Chicago, nos EUA, de 27 de novembro a 1º de dezembro.

Nossos radiologistas levaram 34 trabalhos em áreas como Neuroimagem, Cabeça e Pescoço, Abdome e Pelve, Sistema Musculoesquelético e Mama, e foram contemplados com oito prêmios. Abaixo a lista completa de trabalhos apresentados.


Neuroimagem e Cabeça e Pescoço

  1. T2-FLAIR Mismatch Sign: My Favorite Evil
  2. Genetics and Epigenetics of Brain Tumors for Radiologists (premiado: Certificate of merit award)
  3. Inborn Errors of Metabolism: a Step-by-Step Clinic-Radiological Approach
  4. Neuronal and Mixed Glioneuronal Tumors: Image Correlation X Molecular Profile
  5. Neuroradiological Aspects of Congenital Infections and Mimics (premiado: Certificate of merit award)
  6. Neurosyphilis: Findings from a Reemerging Disease
  7. Probing Metabolism: the Role of Proton MR Spectroscopy in Neurometabolic Diseases
  8. Spinal Epidural Lesions: a Case-Based Review
  9. Update on Embryonal Tumors Of Central Nervous System After the 2021 Who Classification
  10. Update on Radiophenotypes of Central Nervous System Tumors After 5th Edition WHO Classification 2021
  11. What We Need to Know Before Reporting a Nasopharyngeal Tumor
  12. A Blurry Confusion-Optic Neuropathy: Etiologies and Imaging (premiado: Certificate of merit award)

Abdome e pelve

  1. When Pregnancy Becomes a Problem - Pictorial Essay of Common and Uncommon Gestational Complications in the Radiological Practice
  2. All Around the Liver: the Perihepatic Space and Why It Matters
  3. As Easy as Pie: MR Imaging of the Placenta Made Simple - A Practical Guide For Beginners
  4. In Search of Harmony: Where Do We Still Disagree in the Radiological TNM Staging of Rectal Cancer? A Pictorial Review Based on the Published Findings of a Recent International Survey and Multidisciplinary Expert Consensus
  5. Multimodality Imaging of Tumor Thrombus in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  6. Periampullary Disorders: Running Away From the Obvious - A Pictorial Essay of Periampullary Lesions (premiado: Certificate of merit award)
  7. The Path to MRI Expertise In Endometriosis - Correlation of MRI Cases with Videolaparoscopy (premiado: Certificate of merit award)
  8. This Is Not a Soap Bubble - What's Going on in the Liver? A Surviving Guide for Radiological Workup of Cystic Liver Lesions
  9. Tips to Definitely Understand Pelvic Innervation in Endometriosis: The Guide You Asked For
  10. When the Bile Goes Sour: a Case-Based Review of Unusual Complications of Biliary Procedures
  11. How to Expand Your Diagnosis on Deep Endometriosis in Routine Imaging
  12. How to Improve Your Transvaginal Ultrasound to Detect Endometriosis. A Practical Guide to General Radiologists (premiado: Certificate of merit award)
  13. Endometriosis Related Infertility: Hysterosalpingography, Ultrasound, and MRI Findings
  14. Pain Points: Making Sense of Pelvic Nerves Involved In Endometriosis Chronic Pelvic Pain (premiado: Cum laude award)


  1. I Want to Ride My Bicycle! A Pictorial Essay on Musculoskeletal Injuries Related to Bicycling
  2. Spondylarthritis (SpA): a Pratical Imaging Diagnostic Approach and Current Definitions (premiado: Cum laude award)
  3. Whole-body MRI in Pediatric Musculoskeletal Diseases: Clinics Applications and Technical Considerations
  4. Non-Traumatic Mid and Forefoot Pain: Must-Know findings to Radiologist in Training
  5. Imaging Review of Beach Tennis Injuries: a New Sport Trend and Related Musculoskeletal Lesions


  1. A-Z of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  2. Prone Tomosynthesis-Guided Breast Biopsy: a Guide for Trainees and Experts Alike
  3. The Use of Diffusion-Weighted Sequence in the Evaluation of Breast Lesions: What the Radiologist Needs to Know